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We are a company providing legal services for those who want to start a business and ensure your business' legal good standing and corporate governance of it in most jurisdictions of the world.

We aliasing with the authorities on day-to-day basis and we understand the processing well so you don’t need to waste your time in chasing the authorities because we will do this for you.


We accept a number of payment methods such as bank transfers, Paypal…etc

The primary reason is that companies have a legally recognized existence all their own, separate from that of their owners. As a result, corporate owners and managers are not held personally responsible for company debts and obligations. In addition to limited liability protection, companies receive tax benefits that vary by structure type that is chosen.

The process starts with choosing the business structure best suited to your business goals; selecting corporate directors, or members/managers when forming a company; choosing a service provider to process legal documents on your company’s behalf; and preparing and filing formation papers with the Commercial Registry of the country in which you wish to incorporate or form your company.