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Since Malta’s EU accession, the gaming and betting sector has attracted a large number of multinational gaming companies wishing to reorganise their corporate structures in order to establish a base in Malta. Alternatively, some igaming companies incorporate subsidiaries in Malta for the purpose of applying for online gaming licenses issued by the Malta Lotteries and Gaming Authority.

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When launching a startup, you will often face the following questions:

  1. Where to incorporate? Many start-ups have USA in mind.
  2. Whether you should incorporate a separate legal entity in certain jurisdiction or should you open a branch or subsidiary of the company incorporated in your home country?
  3. What form of business you should go with?
  4. Which state is the best for incorporating your company?

If you are looking to raise money from US angels and VCs or planning to often receive payments from US clients, we suggest incorporating in the U.S.

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Brazil is famous for a lot of things: beaches, nightlife, a booming economy—and some very complex business regulations. The country is ranked as number 120 among 183 countries by the ease of doing business in the world. Though the rating is not very high, Brazil is a market that one should consider: population of almost 203M inhabitants, the 7th largest economy in the world, member of different international organizations, known as stable democracy. So what could go wrong when you’re doing business with Brazil?

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